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    We’ve all been through it


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    me flirting: so… do u believe in aliens??

    *Brings up Conspiracy theory*

    *offers to smoke you out*

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    A guy once told my lesbian friend that being a lesbian is a huge turn off for guys and that she’ll never find a boyfriend.

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    Part 2 of my favourite text posts

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    Last Meals of Innocent Men

    Campaign for Amnesty International, displaying the final meal requests of prisoners executed on Death Row, who were later found innocent.

    Photographed by James Reynolds

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    everyone needs to watch this video before they log off tonight

    well, now I know what I’m doing every time a car alarm goes off

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  9. I am not Mike Brown. I am white. I am middle class. I am female. I am small. I am not considered a threat. When police see me they see someone who looks like them. They see their mothers, their daughters, their sisters, themselves. I am not at risk of being shot by police for existing while black. I am not at risk of being shot while unarmed. I am not at risk of being shot while armed with nothing more than a BB gun. I am not at risk of being shot for reaching for my wallet. I am privileged.
    But I am outraged. And if you aren’t outraged, then you aren’t paying attention. This is America in 2014. This is our reality. It’s so easy to get jaded and to ignore these atrocities, to act like this doesn’t affect us. It’s so easy to get apathetic. In the past it was the youth who protested. Where is the rage of the youth? Where is our rage?
    Like I said, I am not Mike Brown. But I am outraged.
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    someone at school today said ‘xD’ out loud like EX DEEEEE and i didn’t think i’d ever have to be faced with that

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  11. The “what ifs” and “should haves” will eat your brain.
    John O’Callaghan (via lushwisdom)
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    look , i literally can’t stress how cute this deleted parks and rec scene is and im about to lose my fucking shit.

    Im in love with Chris Pratt

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    Holy shit

    I can’t even begin to describe the brilliance of this segment. 



    i’m screaming. she’s fucking awesome. anyone know where this can be found as an actual video?

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What does this mean

um we’ve all seen hannah montana i think we know what this means



    What does this mean

    um we’ve all seen hannah montana i think we know what this means

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    The Codex Gigas

    Also known as the Devils Bible, the Codex is the largest manuscript in the world, written in the 13th century in Latin, it is 1 meter in length, 165 lbs, and takes two people to lift. It currently resides in the National Library of Stockholm.

    The Legend of It’s Creation

    • According to myth, the Codex was written by a monk who was sentences to death for breaking his vows. He made a pact with the Devil to write it in one night, with the Devils help, in order to prove to his monastery that he was worthy.
    • Besides this myth, nothing is known about the books creator.

    The Content

    • Half of the Codex is simply just a translation of the Old Testament and the New Testament.
    • The two are separated by a copy of Josephus’ two histories of the Jews (antiquities of the jews) as well as De Bello Iudaico’s Encyclopedic Etymologae.
    •  It also contains eight medical writings by Hippocrates and other important figures of the time 
    • The Chronicle of Bohemia by Cosmas of Prague also takes up a large portion of the book.
    • Smaller texts include texts on exorcisms, magic formulas, a picture of the Heavenly City, and a full page depiction of the Devil (both pictured above).
    • The last fourteen pages are a Calender

    Odd Facts about the Codex

    • After being studied over and over, it’s practically perfect, without any typo’s despite being hand-written.
    • Based on the handwriting, the book was written by one person.
    • According to experts, even with strict devotion and every day writing, the Codex would have taken 25-30 years to finish.
    • Despite this, the handwriting virtually doesn’t change from front to finish, almost like it was written in one day.
    • The ink, made from insects, also virtually doesn’t change throughout the book despite the fact it should have (as bugs change from season to season and year to year, and ink doesn’t stay)
    • In the picture of the City of Heaven, no people can be seen in the city.
    • The pages surrounding the Portrait of the Devil are darker than the other pages of the book.
    • Leaders of the catholic church admit to having no record of both the spells and the exorcisms listed in the book.

    The Curse of the Codex

    • According to legend, sorrow and tragedy befalls people who have owned the Codex in the past.
    • Myths of previous owners include a monastery that contracted one of the worst cases of the bubonic plague after receiving the book, and the castle where the book was being held burning down, the book being thrown out a window in order to be saved from the flames.
    • However, nothing has happened to the library it is currently being held.

    If you want to know more, a documentary about the book called The Devils Bible, is on Netflix!

    [source] [source] [source]

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